The black cat and other stories

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You are not going to believe this story. But it is a true story, as true as I sit here writing - as true as I will die in the morning. Yes, this story ends with my end with my death tomorrow.
I've always been a kind and loving - everyone will tell you this. It will also say that I have always loved animals more than anything. When I was a kid, my family has always had many animals around thehouse. Growing up, I spent most of my time with them, giving them their food and cleaning.
I married when I was young, and I was happy that my wife loved all our animal friends as I do. She bought us the most beautiful animals. We had all kinds of birds, goldfish, a fine dog and a cat.
The cat was a very large and beautiful animal. He was black, black all over, and very intelligent.
He was sosmart that my wife often laughed at what some believe, some people believe that black cats are all evil, the enemies in the body of a cat.
Pluto - this was the cat's name - was my favorite. It was always I who gave him his food and followed me everywhere. I often had to stop following me around the streets! For years, he and I are happy together, best friends.
However, during those years wasslowly changing. It was that wicked enemy of man's drink was called change me. Not the kind, loving people person knew before. I felt more and more selfish. I was often suddenly angry about little things. I started to say bad words, especially with my wife. I even hit sometimes. And then, of course, often doing horrible things to our animals. I hit all of them - but Pluto ever. But my condition gotworse - oh, yes, drinking is a disease! Soon I began to hurt my dear Pluto also.
I remember that night very well. I came home late, full of drinking again. I could not understand why
Pluto was not happy to see me. The cat stayed away from me. My Pluto would not come
near me! I picked it up and lifted him, hugging him tightly. I was afraid of me and I bit his hand.
Suddenly, there was onlymyself. Someone else was in my body, someone evil, and crazy drink! I took my pocket knife, held the poor beast by the neck and cut his eye.
The next morning, my mind was filled with pain and horror when I awoke. I was very sorry. I
I could not understand how he could do something so bad. But he soon helped me to drink to forget.
Gradually the cat better than ever. Soon he felt more pain.It was just a dry well, ugly, where
the eye that once was. He started to turn the house as usual again. Never came up to me now,
Of course, and he fled when I came too close.
I knew he loved me no more. At first I was sad. Then, little by little, I began to feel angry, and I
was simply terrible. . .
I had to - could not stop. I did a terrible sadness in my heart - because
I knew it wasbad. And so I did - yes! I did it because I knew it was wrong. What I can do? I caught the cat and hanged by the neck from a tree until he died.
That night I woke up suddenly - my bed was on fire. I heard people outside yelling, "Fire! Fire!"
Our house was on fire! Me, my wife and our server we were lucky to escape. We stood and watched as the
house burned to the ground.
Nothing remainedof the building to the next morning. All the walls fell overnight,
except one - a wall in the middle of the house. I realized why this wall is not burned, because there was
new cast on it. The plaster was still very wet.
I was surprised to see a crowd of people near the wall. They were talking, and seemed very excited. I went over and looked over their shoulders. I saw a black bag in the newwhite plaster. It was the largest cat form, hanging from his neck.
I watched in horror the full form. Several minutes passed before he could think clearly again. I knew I had to try to think clearly. I had to know why he was there.
I thought of hanging the cat in the garden of the house next door. During the fire of the garden is full of people. Probably, someone cut the dead cat in the tree...
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