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The crime of electoral transhumance is punishable as a criminal offense under Article 389 of the Penal Code, punishable by 4-9 years in prison, and perjury is punishable under Article 442 of the Code with imprisonment of 6-12 years.
The electoral transhumance is the action of registering the identity card to vote in a place other thanthat in which he resides and is an offense under the Criminal Code of Colombia under the name of fraud in registration certificates.
By Law 599 of 2000, through which it was issued the Colombian Penal Code in force, criminalizing this conduct in Article 389, which states: "Whoever by any improper means to achieve that eligible voters sign document or certificate of citizenship in a town, village ordistrict other than where they were born or reside, in order to gain advantage in popular election, plebiscite, referendum, referendum or recall referendum, be liable to imprisonment from 48 to 108 months " .
The electoral transhumance is known as "fiddling vote" and is described by the High Courts as an evil and ancient practice that must be combated and eliminated.
The citizen who has committedthe crime of transhumance will also be committing the crime of perjury, since at the time of registration of the person's certificate stating under oath that actually live in the city, district police or relevant inspection .
As is stipulated in Article 442 of the Penal Code, "Whoever in judicial or administrative proceedings, under oath before a competent authority, untruthful or wholly orpartly street, be liable to imprisonment of 6-12 years."
2009 cases of transhumance
In December 2009, the National Civil Registry drew the attention of the Attorney General's Office alleged irregularities in Barranquilla, Atlantico, in registration forms of identity cards, E-3, during the period of registration certificates open between October 19 and November 2, 2009, for the 2010 elections.
After theregistration of identity cards to the National Electoral Council annulled 200,000 entries in this city, as it found that citizens who signed the certificate did not live near the polling station where they were registered. A similar situation occurred in the municipalities of Soledad, Malambo and Puerto Colombia, also in the department of the Atlantic.
Likewise, in Cucuta, Norte de Santander, theRegistrar also reviewed 20 forms filled out in one polling station in the municipality of El Escobal. The Bank found anomalies such as the addresses supplied by some citizens did not correspond with the Registry files and referred to the Attorney General's Office so that all relevant research that authority later documentation.

When the National Electoral Council found irregularities in theprocess and revokes the registration of bonds in a given municipality, as was the case of Barranquilla and Cucuta, citizens may vote in the place where they voted in the last election.

El delito de trashumancia electoral está tipificado como una conducta punible por el artículo 389 del Código Penal, con pena de 4 a 9 años de prisión, y elfalso testimonio es sancionado por el artículo 442 del citado código con pena de prisión de 6 a 12 años.
La trashumancia electoral es la acción de inscribir la cédula para votar en un lugar distinto a aquél en el que se reside y constituye un delito contemplado en el Código Penal Colombiano bajo el nombre de fraude en inscripción de cédulas.
Mediante la Ley 599 de 2000, por medio de la cual seexpidió el Código Penal Colombiano vigente, se tipifica como delito esta conducta en el artículo 389, el cual dispone: “El que por cualquier medio indebido logre que personas habilitadas para votar inscriban documento o cédula de ciudadanía en una localidad, municipio o distrito diferente a aquél donde hayan nacido o residan, con el propósito de obtener ventaja en elección popular, plebiscito,...
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