The lives of dominican women

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The lives of Dominican Women
The role of women in the Dominican Republic has change a lot since 1960, the time when Rafael L. Trujillo was president of the Dominican Republic. This time wascharacterized by strong repression and traditional values that has persistence influence on the lives of Dominicans people, especially for the woman of the upper class of the society. Women didn’t have muchliberty since the men where the ones in charge. The people also hold widespread views about roles of men and women in society. They are expected to maintain primarily domestic lives as wives andmothers. In the 1950s and 1960s, women were attending universities in the country, and many were assuming professional careers. The pressures to marry and bear children still impacted their lives. Sometimesthis education responds mainly as a personal achievement and not as a professional goal. In the time of Trujillo many families didn’t send their daughters to school because they were so frightenedthat they were sexually harass by the Dictator. The eruption of upper and middle class put the women in the public sphere started at the

beginning of the 20 Century. A woman in particular cameout higher than the others by promoting through education their incorporation into the workforce and out of the house and family. This is the case of the Mirabal’s sister. They were very active in thepolitical lives and the goal as professional was far from been a traditional women and that caused their death. Through description of historical events the way women were escalating positions anddefending their rights, it was not till the end of the 1960’s when the already diseased President Balaguer, introduced a new element that boosted the interest of women to participate in politics, when hedecided to designate 27 women as mayors of equal number of provinces. From then on,

women occupied positions in different ministries, including the Ministry of Health and Education among others....
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