The Norwood Mystery

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Title of the book: Sherlock Holmes: THE NORWOOD MYSTERY
Author: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Level: 2
This book was about:
The book tells the story of a young mannamed Mc Farlene who need that Sherlock Holmes your help to prove his innocent, it is accused of the murder of Oldracre, a old constructor that many years wanted tomarry his mother. All the evidences he has accused. He was the last to be with Oldracre before his murder. When Mc Farlane was telling the story to Holmes in hisoffice,the Inspector Lestrade arrived for to stop the young.
Sherlock Holmes believed what the boy had told him, he seemed a nice boy.
After research in the environmentof the young and to inspect the scene of the murder Holmes discovered the real story,Oldracre was not dead was all a lie, he was hiding in a hidden place in herhome,her housekeeper had helped Finally the young man was recognized innocent and Holmes showed his audacity to solve complicated cases.
I liked/didn´t like itbecause:
I liked the book from the beginning, because it starts very early to develop the whole story and when I started reading and did not think the story would end soit was a great surprise.
The part liked best/worst was:
The part I liked most was when Holmes made ​​Oldracre out of hiding and discover the whole truth and theInspector had to admit that his evidence he had been deceived.
It was easy/difficult because:
This book was a good choice, as their vocabulary level two I found itvery difficult but if I had to find some words that did not know its meaning.

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