The story of stuff

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The story of stuff
This video is simple, precise and scary in some way because it shows us the horrible truth behind the curtain. How we are brought up, raised to be mindless consumer’s without seenthe effects off the consumer luxury. Luxury you say? Yes because we work to buy throw away and buy some more. Some people don’t have the same privilege that we do and we get to see this in thevideo. Some people since they have no natural resources because the government takes the land uses the natural resources with out seeing the bigger picture only thinking how big could their wallets get andgiant corporations being the same way making factories to destroy the poor natural resources forcing the people who lives there to work with low income just barely to survive. All this is what thevideo calls a linear system it only goes on one direction and it’s called disaster why because its not cycle keeping the same production going on and limit the looses on our mother earth saving thefuture for our children.
Upon seeing the video and analyzing it I was amazed and a bit scared of the horrible truth. That we are been brained washed by big corporations that are set on profiteering ofour natural recourses depleting and destroying and selling it back to us in a nice rapper and a really low price with a hint of toxic waste a little information they neglect to tell us. In the videoshe goes to buy a radio on a really low price while she’s in line she realizes that the price of the radio isn’t the real one 4.99 for all the hard work put on making the radio sounds fishy. Somethingthat caught my ear was how the corporate giants analyze and schemed on how fast they could make the product malfunction with out making the people doubt the product. Sitting in my chair I analyzedand pounded away on what product do I see this theory and it hit me my boyfriends Xbox he wasted away almost 400 dollars on a stupid machine that lasted him only 6 moths and went bad he said it was...
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