The use of technology during examinations

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“The use of technology during examinations”

The use of technology during examinations helps students develop their ideas faster, nowadays students use technology to increase their knowledge evenfrom lower ages, this can help them develop better skills that will help them in the future, but it can also make them unable to solve problems and simple mathematical operations without the help of acomputer or calculator. “Calculators allow students to do quick calculations.”

I believe that the technological progress is amazing and every day there are new inventions that can help us learnmore and also make things much easier for students in any level, these skills are also required in many jobs that demand knowledge about edge technology.

The advantages of technology are so many andin no way comparable to the disadvantages that’s why the use of this advances should be used even in low age students that wish the best preparation for the future, a future that will demand much morethan in other times.

Calculators come in several different varieties. The most popular types of calculators are listed below.

• Display Calculators

Display calculators are the mostcommon and basic calculators available. They perform basic math operations such as adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Many display calculators also have a small memory to store theresult. These calculators usually contain an LCD display and many are powered by solar cells. Display calculators are inexpensive and generally cost less than $10.

• Scientific CalculatorsScientific calculators are more advanced than basic calculators. They perform trigonometric functions and have a larger memory. These calculators usually cost between $10 and $20.

• GraphingCalculators

Graphing calculators perform even more advanced functions than scientific calculators. They have larger memories and are able to store and graph equations. As a result, graphing...
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