The world of work

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The world of work
Work has changed around the world
Manpower has been a successful employment agency for about 60 years.
It has supplied temporary employees to companies since l948.
That’s whenthe office opened in Milwaukee, in the USA. Two lawyers started the company
When they were unable to find temporary help with a project. Today, it is a global company
With offices all around theworld.
Employment agencies supply companies with different types of workers. These include
Professional and administrative workers in offices, and manual workers in factories and on building sites.Temporary workers (also called ‘temps’) now make up between one and three per cent of the total workforce in most countries. Multinational companies have employed temps for a long time. Now smallercompanies also use temporary workers.
Have careers changed very much since the l990s?. A decade ago, people expected to work for the same company until they retired. Today, nobody expects a job for lifeany more. People move from job to job, working in different companies or in different departments.
Training is important because it improves workers’ skills. This can help employees to find betterjobs or get a promotion.
In some jobs there aren’t enough skilled works. Some companies want retired people with skills to return to work. Japan, Australia and Italy have started to employ olderworkers.
Companies need organizations like Manpower to arrange training for older employees, for example to use computers or to work with a younger boss.

El mundo del trabajo
El trabajo ha cambiado entodo el mundo
Mano de Obra ha sido una agencia de empleo con éxito durante unos 60 años.
Se ha suministrado empleados temporales a las empresas desde l948.
Fue entonces cuando abrió la oficina enMilwaukee, en los EE.UU.. Dos abogados iniciaron la compañía
Cuando no pudieron encontrar ayuda temporal con un proyecto. Hoy en día, es una compañía global
Con oficinas en todo el mundo.
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