To Be

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THE VERB to be (1)
An exercise by Montse Morales
Your score is 100%.
They are

I am

She is

It is

we are

you are

he is

Your score is 100%.
Correct! You are veryintelligent!

Example: I (be) am nice.
Example: You / We / They (be) are nice.
Example: He / She / It (be) is nice.

1) I (be) am happy.

2) You (be) are funny.

3) We (be) are sweet.4) They (be) are tired.

5) He (be) is kind.

6) She (be) is pretty.

7) It (be) is cool.
Your score is 100%.

Example: I (be) am nice.
Example: Jessica and Akbar (be) are nice.
Example: Thenew car (be) is nice.

1) The bag (be) is blue.

2) The rocks (be) are hard.

3) The children (be) are young.

4) Thomas (be) is nice.

5) The game (be) is difficult.

6) They(be) are tired.

7) I (be) am thirty years old.

8) Susan and Juan (be) are married.

9) Teddy (be) is my friend.

10) We (be) are in English class.

Your score is 100%

Example: My teacher (be) is nice.Example: The cat (be, not) is not hungry.

1) The old man (be) is wise.

2) The math test (be) is difficult. That's why I (be) am studying hard for it.

3) The workers (be) are tired. The havebeen working for six hours.

4) I (be) am happy. I (be, not) am not sad.

5) The racecar (be) is fast.

6) My friend (be) is buying a new car. Her old car broke down. It doesn't work anymore.7) I (be) am at the beach with my family. It (be) is hot and sunny outside. The ocean water (be) is warm.

8) Ko and Jacob (be) are very smart. Ko (be) is a scientist and Jacob (be) is anengineer.

9) The library (be) is open until 9:00 p.m.

10) The school (be) is small.

11) Jaime and I (be) are best friends.

12) Tommy, Steven, and Teddy (be) are in the school play.

13) Beatrice(be) is at her house.

14) It (be) is hot outside. It (be, not) is not cold.

15) You (be) are finished with the quiz!

Your score is 100%
Example: My teacher (be) is nice.
Example: The...
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