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“Soccer History”
Soccer also call football was crated many of thousands years ago when the Ancient Greek and The Romans proofed their warriors in a match of soccer with some differences thanours so they will be prepared in the battles, but thousands of years later soccer started forming and having more sense that when the ancient Greeks played it, this sport was practically created in1848 and it was created by the England’s, they were written at the Trinity College, Cambridge. Many clubs that were not connected to university’s or schools where formed in the 1950`s where the majorityof the team came with their own rules. Most seen in the Sheffield Football Club, that was formed by public’s schools joined together.
The Football Association was created in 1863, where they met forfirst time at London, in October 26, the only school that was represented on this occasion was the Charthouse. They continued meeting at London for more meetings between October and December wherethey arranged the first set of rules. The rules of the game where and are determine by the International Football Association Board, that it was formed in 1886, after a meeting in Manchester of theFootball Association, that where The Scottish FA, The Wales FA, and The Irish FA. The oldest football competition is The FA Cup which was founded by C.W. Alcock and is the cup that has been only forEnglish teams since 1872, and the first team to make it to a final where the Royal Engineers in 1872. The first official international match took place in 1872 between England and Scotland in Glasgow thematch was a “friendly”. England also created the first football league in the world which was founded in Birmingham in the year 1888 by the Aston Villa that was directed by William McGregor, the leaguefirst had 12 clubs that where in the Midlands and in the North of England.
FIFA the largest international football Association was formed in Paris in the year of 1904 and they said they would put...
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