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Nietzsche’s philosophy starting point

He was centered in life, vital philosophy.
He was confonted the traditional Western philosophy, his dogmatism, wich roots are placed since Socrates, Platoand the Christian Philosophy

1) Critic to the Metaphysics.- Nietzsche is opposed to the ontologic dualism, a faithful reflect of Plato’s dualism.

Now, what is this dualism about?
Well, inPlatòs philosophy we have two worlds:
a) the sensible and imperfect world – in which we live –
b) and the supersensible, perfect and ideal world, the place of ideas of thruth, beauty and goodness,the Platonic values.

So we have, the world of reality – ideas -: supersensible, static and imperishable front of a world of appearence, sensibles and imperfection.
Nietzsche makes his objectionsto this worldview conception

1) The underestimation of sensible reality is due to his mutability. Whereas the human reason is awlays operating with unmutable categories – concepts – but the factthat human reason use those categories does not demonstrate the imperfection or dependence of sensible world but the inadequacy of reason to understand it.

2) Supersensible world is not more than aillusion, a fiction, a fantasy built as a negation of sensible world, only reality for us.

2) Nietzsche interprets the recurrence to a supersensible world, as an anti – vital reaction, a rejectionof life – life which is marked by suffering and happiness -, a product of the resentment against life. Incapable of accepting a tragic destiny, men rebel against this life which proffer themsuffering, converting it in amere remnant or another reality, a perfect one, where they can relieve their resentment.

Moral critic.- Nietzsche accuses of anti-natura the platonic-christian morality becauseof going against natural instincts. It is about a moral which does not turn around men but God and that imposes men a natural-denying, that means a boundly rejection of life, the truth reality of...
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