Treaty of paris

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American History Student Presentation
Effects of War: Treaty of Paris & Native Americans

Effects of War:
* The fall of Quebec was the most important British victory in the war.
* TheBritish Captured Montreal and other French settlements in New France.
* Later, in 1762, Spain entered the war on the side of France, but they arrived too late.
Terms to Know:
*Representative – a person who selected to act and speak in the place of others.
* Ambush – a surprise attack from a hidden position.
* Cede – to give up or surrender land.
Lesson Questions:
* How didthe French and Indian War affect Native Americans?
* Native American groups had made war against each other in order to control the fur trade. Native Americans recognized their positions andseveral groups found made Pontiac of the Ottawa nation their leader. Pontiac captured and destroyed 10 of 14 major posts that he attacked. Even though the British were successful, Pontiac’s rebellionwas a warning that they would have to take a greater hand in colonial government.
The Treaty of Paris:
* The war between Spain and France officially ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
*The treaty was that France ceded northern New France and all lands east of the Mississippi River to Britain.
* Spain was forced to give up Florida to the British because they were an ally of France.* France gave possession of all west of the Mississippi River, including New Orleans, to Spain so they would enter the war.
* With the French gone, British colonists would not be discouragedfrom moving west of the Appalachians.

Native Americans After the War:
* Colonists were pushing into the Iroquois territory in western New York and the Ohio River Valley, now that France wasn’ta threat.
* Because of the wars between the Native American groups, the Iroquois gained their power.
* But later, this power weakened because of the diseases brought from Europe.
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