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Brassavola School
Library Media
Rules & Procedures
Created by: Mr. Daniel Espinoza

Brassavola Library Media
Center‛s Mission
• To provide for students and faculty with a wellorganized and easily accessible collection of reliable sources allowing them to become independent information seekers,
• To aid students, parents, faculty, and community stakeholders in becoming aware ofthe important role that literature and the development of good reading habits play in becoming lifelong learners.

• To provide a current collection of resources for both students and facultythat will coincide with the Library curriculum guides.

– Provide and teach literature appreciation and instill a desire to read as a lifelong activity.

• To provide access to various typesof information in a variety of formats, such as books, video, DVD, or computer programs which allow students to understand, enjoy, and produce creative works.

– Identify and establish specificguidelines that encourage students to make proper use of the library and provide an educational program of learning experiences that actively involve students in the effective use of a wide range ofprint, nonprint, electronic and human resources.

– Create lessons that will reinforce information skills in the library as well as in the classroom.

• To provide an atmosphere ofcollaborative learning in which students respect each other’s ideas, backgrounds, and acknowledge the contributions of all human beings to the achievement of knowledge.

– Establish and provide consultativeservices to teachers and students.

– Create an extension of the classroom by cooperatively planning lessons with the classroom teacher that would guarantee more meaningful learning while supportingclassroom instruction.

Library Rules
• Respect the library materials (so we‛ll have more to use)
• Everything has a correct place (so we‛ll be able to find what we need)
• Always share (so...
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