Unidad 2 Guia De Aprendizaje Ingles 1

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Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
Escuela Industrial y Preparatoria Técnica Álvaro Obregón
Materia: Ingles

I.2 Memory game
In this activity you will make and play a memory game to practice vocabulary related with jobs and occupations.
1. Work in pairs. Can you describe the following jobs or occupations?
Match the columns.Occupation Description
Secretary (e) a) she/he travels to space.
Clown (d) b) she/he makes music.
Astronaut (a) c) she/he represents clients in a court of law.
Lawyer (c) d) she/he makes people laugh.
Musician (b)e) she/he makes does the routine work in an office.
Plumber (f) f) she/he installs and repairs pipes.
2. Chose four occupations, not include in the previous exercise, and write their descriptions on the table below. You may use this link to complete your task:
Occupation | Description |
Cook | is responsible for making food |
Car mechanic | isresponsible for repairing the car |
Dentist | is responsible to check your teeth |
Firefighter | is responsible for fire fighting |

I.3 It´s too late!
In this activity you will write and act out a conversation where people need to give out or ask about time to make arrangements. There are many real life situations where you need to ask for or give the time. What are they?

2 yourfriends Kevin, Daniel, Patricia, and Janet are planning to do something fun this Sunday. Here you will find their conversation, but it´s not in order. Number the lines in the correct order.

Patricia: we can meet at school at eight o´clock in the morning.
Janet: Oh my God! It´s too late. It´s two thirty and we don´t any plans yet. Can you hurry up? I have to go back home.
Kevin: that´s perfect.See you then.
Patricia: what about a picnic?
Daniel: I think eight fifteen is OK.
Janet: It´s a very good idea!
Daniel: yes, we can go the National Park.
Patricia: It´s half past two.
Janet: what about a quarter past eight?
Kevin: sure, that´s an excellent place to have a picnic.
Kevin: ok Janet, take it easy! I think we can go to the movies.
Daniel: no, we always go to the movies. Let´stry something different.
Daniel: what time is it?
Check the order of the conversation and make any necessary corrections.

I.4 differences are good
1. In Mexico there are a great number of native communities that try to keep their traditions and customs, regardless of all the obstacles they have to face.
The Tarahumaras are good example of real and interesting native Mexican community.What do you know about them?
Work in pairs. Read these facts about the trahumaras community. Write a “T” if the sentence is true and an “F” if the sentences is false.
The tarahumaras live in the sierra madre occidental mountains t
They are excellent swimmers. f
They usually eat meat. f
They travel only by foot. t
The tarahumara women wear brightly colored clothes. F
2 Complete thefollowing chart with some facts, costums or traditions about the tarahumara community and your own community. Include sentences in simple present negative form.
Tarahumara community | My community |
They live in the sierra madre | We don´t live in the mountains |
II. Time to relax
II.1 famous sportsmen
In the following activity you will ask and answer questions about famoussportsmen.
1. Work in pairs. Discuss with your partners who de you think is the most famous player in the following sports.
a) Basketball: Michael Jordan
b) Tennis: Rafael Nadal
c) Football: Troy Aikman
d) Baseball: Babe Ruth
e) Soccer: Roberto Carlos
2. Read the following information and match player´s information with the sport he plays and player´s name
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