Vichy government

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Vichy Government
1. I am going to talk about what happen in France during de WWII, because this is information, that most of us don’t know. First I am going to remind you some things of WWIIthat are related to this.
2. In World War two there were 2 forces fighting in between, there were the allies who were Great Britain, United States, USSR, and Free French. See the flag of Francebecause later you are going to see it again.
3. Then there were the Axes, Germany , Italy and Japan. Knowing that you know who were against who.
4. France declares war on Germany on 1939 becauseGermany attacked Ponland and Great Britain and France had guaranteed military support if it was attacked by Germany, also because they were enemies since a lot time ago.
5. On May 1940 Germanmilitary defeats France and occupied Paris. This is when the third republic ended.
6. There was a debate over either to move the government to North Africa or remain in France, at last Francesurrendered its government to Germany.
7. France sign an armistice with Germany splitting France into 2. Half of the contry will be occupaid by Germany, and half will stiil remain France, under Germansrules.
8. The north part was the occupied part by the Germans, and the south part was the unoccupied part called Vichy. It was called like that because one of the states of France is called Vichy.Also a part of France was occupaid by Italy.
9. Henri Philippe Petain was installed as president of Vichy. At first we wants to do his own constitution, but there were only few years that Francewas separated so, he didn’t do it.
10. General Charles de Gaulle opposed Vicky France, because he wanted to fight against the Germans. He said that Petain was a traitor.
11. He establishesthe Free French Forces in London, he was against German Occupation of France, and Petain decisions.
12. Vichy in some ways was collaborating with Germany. They gave all the French Jews to the...
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