Visual process management

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Introducing the Visual Process Management Revolution

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Visual Process Management (VPM), developed by SmartDraw Software, revolutionizes the way processes are documented and managed. Binders filled with documents on a shelf are now obsolete. In their place, SmartDraw VPMoffers a collection of hyperlinked visuals that anyone in the organization can easily navigate like a web site. The VPM Collection, stored on a network server, is a complete electronic model of an organization. It links every process with the position that is responsible for executing it and managing it. Documenting processes using VPM is extraordinarily faster than traditional methods. It gives youa result that is complete and easy to access and update. Best of all, it is something that employees actually use. Companies that implement SmartDraw VPM are discovering real, measurable return on both time and money invested. Here are some of the results:     Productivity increases companywide by 25% Training time is reduced by as much as 80% Quality is more consistent and predictableRedundancies are found and eliminated

Employees at every level gain visibility into exactly how things are done. This is critical for effective management and implementation.

Introducing the VPM Revolution
The advantages of documenting the processes in your organization are obvious:     Flexibility: Both new and existing employees can immediately learn the right way to perform any job.Quality: If everyone on the team performs a job in the same way each time, the outcome is predictable and consistent. Visibility: Management can see exactly how each job is meant to be performed. Process Improvement: You can’t improve the way your organization gets its work done unless you know how it’s being done now.

In addition to these benefits there are many external pressures that requireprocesses to be documented. For example:     BPM Automation: Documenting processes is a prerequisite for automated BPM (Business Process Management). ERP: Documenting processes is required as part of an Enterprise Resource Planning implementation. Company Sale: Documenting processes is an important preparation when positioning a company for eventual sale. Compliance: Various legislation andregulatory bodies, like the Sarbanes–Oxley Act and The

“VPM has benefited L+L through helping us to better understand roadblocks and inefficiencies in our processes.”
Bob Dixon President, Digital Division, L + L Printers

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Joint Commission for example, often require extensive process documentation. Customers:Some customers may require ISO or other quality certifications as a prerequisite for doing business.

Despite the benefits or requirements, many organization resist documenting their processes. Why? Because of the pain that traditional methods inflict. Process documentation is often viewed as:    Time-consuming, disruptive, and expensive: Traditional methods are slow and distract team membersfrom normal productive activities. Incomplete: Not all processes are documented and those that are may be difficult to find (i.e., the big binder on a shelf somewhere). Team members are unaware that documentation for a process, or even the process itself, exists. Ineffective: The result is a binder of difficult-to-understand documentation that no one looks at and that soon becomes stale.

VisualProcess Management (VPM) is a revolutionary advance in the field of process documentation and management that eliminates the pains described above. VPM creates a collection of hyperlinked visuals that functions like a web site, called a VPM Collection. A VPM Collection is a complete electronic model of an organization. It links every process with the position that is responsible for executing it...
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