Why do people learn languages?

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Why do people learn languages?
There are a number of different reasons for language study
School Curriculum. Whether they like it or not
Advancement: it offers a chance for advancement in theirprofessional lives. (better job)
Target Language Community: where the inhabitants speak the language which the student is learning. Students will need to learn the L2 to survive in that community,English for specific purposes: some specific reason for wanting to learn the language.
EOP: English occupational purpose
EAP: English for academic purposes
EST: English for science and technologyCulture: Attracted to the culture
Miscellaneous: just for fun.
Not all the students should be treated in the same way
Success in language learning
Motivation: Internal drive that encouragessomebody to pursue a course of action.
Extrinsic motivation: (outside)
Integrative motivation: integrate themselves into the culture.
Instrumental Motivation: language will be a instrument ingetting a better job. The L2 is an instrument in their attainment of such a goal. Attitude to the language. Parents against target culture. Student´s peers. Previous experiences as language learners.Intrinsic motivation (inside)
Physical conditions (classroom environment)
The teacher

Motivational Differences
Children: are curious, their span of attention orconcentration is less. They seek teachers’ approval. Frequent changes of activity.
Adolescents: not expect any extrinsic motivation. Peer approval.
Adult beginners: Easiest people to teach. Highdegree of extrinsic motivation. Often succeed very quickly.
Adult Intermediate Students:
Adult Advanced students:

The necessity of a systematic comparison among languages and culturesEffectiveness of the tools, preparation of materials
Preparation of sufficient Tests.
The linguistics deformations can be cause by the descriptibles differences among the two languages.
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