Why people commit suicide

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What makes people commit suicide?

Suicide is the act of intentionally causing one's own death, and each year many deaths are by suicide. During Christmas is the highest rate of suicide. Over800,000 people die from suicide in the US (Suicide Statics, Kevin Caruso). Some people say that it is a disease, some say it isn’t. Many religious organizations are against it because they believe that Godpunishes those who suicide because it’s a crime against life. Suicide wasn’t always considered bad, there was a time where it was respected because it was a sign of protest or atonement for failure.Now a day, in some countries of the world, people commit suicide as a military or terrorist tactic. Many people recur to suicide for many reasons, the major ones are: mental diseases, depression andothers because of society.
People kill themselves because of mental diseases. Mental illness is any condition of the mind. A person with any mental disease may experience: auditory and visionhallucinations, flashbacks, disordered thinking, irritability and many other “not normal” reactions. Studies have shown that over 90% of people who die from suicide have one or more psychiatric disorders atthe time of their death. It is estimated that 10% of people with mental illness complete suicide within the first 10 years of being diagnosed (Suicide and Mental Illness, 2010). The pain and effectsof mental disorders can be so extreme that people’s biggest desire is to finish with it. Therefore, for them, the best way to get rid of the ache is getting rid of their own life. Although beingmentally unhealthy is a significant risk factor for suicide, a mental disorder alone doesn’t cause the suicidal behavior. Other things like society and not having family to help them can cause this desirefor suicide. Luckily, mental disorders can be treated, which is a way of preventing suicide. A mental problem is diagnosed by a doctor and only a professional in medicine can give a treatment to...
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