Why people lie

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Why people lie?
I am always surprised at how easily we humans lie. Have you ever been in a conversation about, say, a particular book and been tempted to say you’ve read it even though you haven’t?or when you don’t do the homework and you say you forgot it a home. I am guessing the answer is yes. But why, why people feel the need to lie about what they have done and try to convince others theyare telling the truth. Dishonesty is one defining characteristic of what it is to be human.

Evidence suggests that most people learn to lie at a very early age. Starting at about three, childrenwill lie to avoid getting into trouble. By age five, when it comes to evading punishment, most kids are expert liars.
Interestingly, children must be taught to lie to protect another’s feelings,Parents teach children how to tell these white lies early in life. For example, “Tell your grandma that she looks great in those jeans.”
People also lie to themselves regularly. They lie about the amountof time they have to finish a project, how much they ate in a day, and numerous other lies.
For adults, lying serves purposes other than avoiding punishment, although most adults have tried lying toget out of a traffic ticket etc. They want to control how others see them and how they see themselves.
Moral terms, honesty is without doubt a virtue, and dishonesty is a vice.
Social termsabsolute honesty can lead to trouble, risking causing offense to
others who may not want or need to hear the complete truth. White lies may be
Biological terms dishonesty is a sign of typicalbrain
development, whereas someone who is incapable of dishonesty may be neurologically
There are many types of lies, like the ones you say when someone asks your “honest opinion” but yousay what they’re wishing to hear only to not hurt their feelings or saying that you liked a gift when you don’t. These are things we usually find ourselves doing for the sake of maintaining a good...
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