How do students learn a second language

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Since the primitive man started to talk, it has been an awesome challenge to develop a practical and useful way to teach the acquired languageto the offspring, and through thousands of generations it really hasn’t changed so much, even 30 or 40 years ago the researchers still believed that children learn to speak only by imitating and beingrewarded for that, when in fact, the learning is done in a very different way, by “steps”, which are learned and reinforced thanks to the surrounding environment and of course, the parents.
Thesesteps, or stages, are highly influenced by the maturity of the children’s brain, which is actually logical, because a more developed brain is able to process a lot more information than a less developed.In the initial stages the children is just trying to copy and understand single words, repeating them and playing with the sound it makes, until something, some idea or certain objects are related tothat word because the parents or the surround makes that clear. With this in mind, the next stage is when different words make a phrase together, and that phrase has certain meaning, more even thanthe words themselves, especially when the phrase has a positive (rewarding) meaning, which is linked to the newly gained ability of moving around the world and discovering a wider range of sensitivityexperiences. When all these stages are complete, the children enter then in the fourth and last stage of learning, incorporation, where there is the ability to form more complex and meaningful phrasesout of single words, expressing ideas, needs or feelings.
For a correct development of the learning stages the environment plays an important role, because it’s fundamental that the parents have theability to understand and guide them in the correct use of the words and phrases, so the words have a linked meaning and the children develop higher level phrases.
At this point all we have...
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