A Big Change

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A Big Change
I am Mexican born in Mexico City and lived there for 19 years, I moved to US almost five years ago and now I am living with my mother, her husband and his kids. I have two brothers.They live here too, but one is already marriage and the other one is single but living independent. In Mexico I have my grandmother, uncles, aunts and cousins. For many years I just live with mygrandmother because my mother immigrated to the US. Almost 14 years ago and my brothers 9 years ago. So I stayed in Mexico finish my high school and after my graduation made ​​the decision to come to the USto meet my mom and my brothers, but I never imagine all the things that will change in my life. It was not only leave my country and my language, also leave the rest of my family, friends, and mylife of 19 years.
In the beginning I had a really hard time, because I had to adapt to live with other people, new house, and new rules, and also I did not have friends with who can talk about myfeelings, I know I have my family here but it is not the same.
One of the things that I had to learn to do was to share things, because in Mexico I had my bedroom, my stuff just for me. But here I had toshare bedroom and others things with my stepsister, she is a teenager and sometimes we had differences, I am an orderly person and she is all the opposite.
I think the most difficult part andsometimes still have hard times are at the school. The first six months when I came to U.S. I was taking English classes and after that my parents enrolled me to Allen County Community College. There waswhen I had my time of frustration because in my first time that attended to a class it was so horrible and stressing moment. I can remember me there sitting and waiting for the professor come to theclass, around me a couple persons most of them hispanics, when the professor came to the classroom he start talk in English, I understood what he said, but when he asked me something I could not...
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