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Homework 1

The ABCs of animals Needs.
If you had to take care of a pet dog, cat, and bird, how would you remember what each one needs? It wouldn´t be very difficult. All three animalsshare a basic need for food and water.
Animals in the wild need food and water too. What other basic needs do animal share? Besides food and water, animals also need shelter to survive.
All animalsneed a suitable environment. An animal’s environment is everything, both living and nonliving, that surrounds and affects the animal. To survive in its environment, an animal needs to keep its bodytemperature within a certain range. This range varies, depending on the type of animal. In an environment that is suitable for an animal, the animal can meet all of its basic needs.
All animals needfood to grow, stay healthy, and survive. A mole dies after only a few hours without food! Other animals can wait an entire day for their next meal. Some animals, like snakes, can go for weeks without ameal..
Different animals eat different kinds of food. In spring and summer, a rabbit feasts on plants such as dandelions and chickweed. But in the winter it settles for bark, roots, and dry leaves. Ahippopotamus wanders out of the water to enjoy a meal of grass. A killer whale fills its stomach with fish, squid, penguins and even seals. A leopard hunts and kills other animals and then eats themhigh up in the trees.
Animals need more than just food to survive. They also need water. Many animals drink water every day from water holes, ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams.
A few animals hardlyever, or never, drink! A kangaroo rat rarely drinks. It gets its water from the seeds and cactus pulp that it eats. An Australian koala never needs to drink. It gets the water it needs by eatingeucalyptus leaves.
Animals need shelter for protection from enemies and harsh weather. For example, the nest in which a baby bird hatches provides shelter for the bird. Young elf owls are kept safe in...
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