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A Hiking Family

HELPFUL TIP: Bringing children into the world is the easy part; raising and teaching them correct principles is more challenging. If you are a good example to them, they are likelyto follow in your footsteps.

"get ahead" = become successful in your business or career
"Often, people give up time with their families to get ahead in life."--------------------------------------------------------------------------------
"control/hold the purse strings" = control the money in a family
"My wife is much better at managing our finances, so she controls the pursestrings."

What things can parents do to strengthen the relationship with their children? Discuss your ideas. Then, talk about things parents do or say that damage or hurt the parent-childrelationship.

1. Where did Randall probably grow up?
A. in Indiana
B. in Venezuela
C. in Utah

2. What was his undergraduate major?
A. English
B. Spanish
C. Japanese

3. How many children doeshe have?
A. two
B. three
C. four

4. What does Randall do on his hikes with his children?
A. He points out the wildlife and plants along the way.
B. He enjoys telling them stories about hislife.
C. He teaches them how to survive in emergency situations.

5. What point does Randall make about raising children?
A. Enroll kids into schools early to help them learn better.
B. Beconsistent in the way you administer discipline in the home.
C. Talk with your kids about problems so they learn how to solve them.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your own family and then explainwhat you feel are the keys to a successful family, both emotionally and intellectually. Are there outdoor activities like hiking, biking, or camping that you enjoy doing together? What things canfamilies do together to strengthen the family relationship? Discuss these topics with a partner and see if your families do similar activities.

My name's Randall Davis, and I'm originally from the...
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