5 Fenomenos sociales en honduras

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During the proposal, mixed in with Darcy’s "I love you" are some "I am so superior to you" comments, which, not surprisingly, don’t go over so well. Elizabeth rejects him and tells him off, sayingthat he isn’t a gentleman. She cites both Wickham’s story and Jane’s broken heart as the two primary reasons for anger.

The next day, Darcy hands Elizabeth a letter, asking her to read it. Itcontains the full story regarding Wickham (he’s a liar, a gambler, and tried to elope with Darcy’s underage sister), and the full story regarding Jane (Darcy was convinced Jane didn’t love Bingley and sotried to save his friend from a woman simply attracted to his wealth). Elizabeth undergoes a huge emotional transformation and regrets her hasty actions.

Once back at home, Lydia, the youngest of theBennet girls, is invited to follow the officers to their next station in Brighton. Elizabeth strongly disapproves of the plan, but Mr. Bennet overrules her and allows Lydia to go off.

Elizabeth’saunt and uncle ask her to accompany them on a trip to Derbyshire, which is, incidentally, where Mr. Darcy lives. They decide to visit his estate called Pemberley. Elizabeth agrees to go only after shelearns that Mr. Darcy is out of town. Once at the estate, Elizabeth is impressed by its excellent taste and upkeep. Darcy’s housekeeper also has nothing but compliments for her master. To Elizabeth’ssurprise, they run into Darcy, and, to her further surprise, he’s immensely polite to her aunt and uncle. Darcy asks Elizabeth to meet his sister, who proves to be quite nice but very shy.

Beforewe can finally tune up the violins and the wedding toasts, disaster strikes when Elizabeth learns that Lydia has run off with Wickham. This scandal could ruin the family, so Elizabeth’s uncle andfather try to track the renegade couple down. Elizabeth’s uncle saves the day and brings the two young ‘uns back as a properly married (and unapologetic) couple. When Lydia lets slip that Darcy was at...
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