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ACR Version 2.0

The mod now requires FT and/or AL to be installed. It may work with only M&G since that is based on AL but this is untested.

This is not meant to be complete documentation for the new version. It is only meant to provide an overview of the major changes from 1.x to 2.0 to aid in beta testing.

You DO NOT need to uninstall version 1.x prior to installing version 2.0,however once 2.0 is installed and you run the game for the first time make sure to unpause the game until the ‘installation successful’ dialog appears before looking to see what new options appear on the adjuster. :-p

The Maxis cheating fix plug-in can still be used and does not need to be updated to work with the new ACR version.
New things about the adjuster options:
If the setting is an ON/OFFswitch of some sort, it will always show what is currently set, not what you would be switching to.
Most options that are variable or a list will show which option is set (by graying it out) or for values will show the current value in the pie menu itself.
Options that can be overridden by a lot or global setting will show in the lower (i.e. sim) level pie menu whether an override is currentlyset or not and if so what it is set to. Look at sim settings…jealousy for example.
No new woohoo locations at this time, but basically all of the stand-alone (i.e. don’t require a table or other object) flirts, kisses, and hugs are now included.
Divided interactions into three new groups. These are mainly internal, you won’t see a difference in the pie menu options, but the new cheating controloptions (sim settings…cheating…) use them.
Low Flirts, Kisses, Hugs: Wolf Whistle, Charm, Caress, Sweet Talk, Hold Hands, Romantic Hug, Peck, Tender Kiss, Kiss Hand, First Kiss*
High Flirts, Kisses, Hugs: Hit On, Suggestion, Goose, Serenade, Squeeze, Leap Into Arms, Kiss Up Arm, Romantic Kiss, Pin Kiss, Suck Face (AL Only), Dance Kiss (AL Only)
Make Out (mostly a high kiss by the mod with acouple exceptions)
Added First Kiss. Considered a Low Kiss and required for all other low kisses and all higher interactions. In other words, no first kiss, no make out, woohoo, or high flirts, kisses, or hugs. – Note: the global cinematic setting will not affect the first kiss cinematic.
The adjuster options have been completely redone. Gender Preference is the only exception. I haven’tdecided if/how to integrate it into the new scheme.
Many, mass, lots, oodles, of new settings, options, switches, etc. to play with. Most are self explanatory. Things to keep in mind:
Hood-wide settings mean just that. They affect the entire hood.
Almost all lot settings are gone. They have either been moved to global or sim level settings.
A global override will always trump any other setting.For example you can set jealousy at the sim, lot, or hood level. Hood trumps lot which trumps sim.
A global default (i.e. risky woohoo odds) will be overridden by a setting at the sim level.
Some may not be implemented yet but feel free to turn them on anyway if it makes you feel better. There may be others that aren’t on this list.
Autonomous engagement
Autonomous break-up
Lot type Church(brothel’s not totally implemented either, but is mostly there so it will actually do something.)
Disable unmarried ACR woohoo in hood (I think…)
Sim settings…cheating… options are not dynamic at this time even though the menu will say they are. If you manually set them, you will need to change the setting to static or else they will change back though. The setting will default to all interactionsallowed.
New adjuster option Copy My Token. Allows to set up one sim’s token with the desired settings and switches and then copy those settings to another sim on the lot, all sims on the lot, or the entire hood (all those with tokens). This option will not copy timer settings or The One Sim.
Birth Control & Cannot Get Pregnant
So why both? Aren’t they the same? Um, no they’re not. Originally...
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