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Front Sight of the Fax

1. Support for documents
2. Tray for paper
3. Cover of the tray for paper
4. Guides for documents
5. Feeder of documents
6. Earphone7. Guide of the paper
8. Support for paper

General Description of the Control Panel

1. Contrast
· When a document is not loaded, on having pressed this button passes to Wayreceipt.
· When a document is loaded, on having pressed this button the contrast is modified for fax and copied.
2. Resolution
It improves the clarity of a document that he is sending for fax orcopying.
3. Access to cassettes
It moves the cassette of impression towards the center in order that it could be replaced easily.
4. Favorites
It allows to store documents that are sentoften and to send them to numbers of fax selected without the original ones.
Press Favorites repeatedly to guard, to eliminate, to send or to stamp the documents.
5. Numerical Keyboard
It marksthe numbers of fax and telephone and deposits letters and symbols in the fields of text. The keyboard of the telephone also is in use for marked with a touch.
6. Symbols
It is in use fordepositing special characters when one writes a name in a field of text.
7. Rapid Call
It stores and marks 50 numbers of telephone / fax.
8. Recalled/Pause
It notices automatically the lastnumber or allows to select one of the last 10 numbers to notice.
It adds a pause when a number is deposited of marked abridged.
9. Silence
It silences the telephone during a telephonic call.10. Loudspeakers
It allows hearing the telephone while it marks without raising the earphone.
It allows listening only. There is no functionality of free hands.
11. Menu
It Shows theavailable options of the Fax HP.
12. Displacement / volume
· When it deposits numbers or text, moves the cursor to the digit or character that must be edited.
· When Menu is pressed, there appear...
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