About a boy

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  • Publicado : 19 de agosto de 2012
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About a boy
The main characters
In the one side, Will Freeman, a thirty-six-years-old man, whose lifetime was described by himself as cool. He hadtime and money, because of having a large inheritance, to do what he enjoyed doing without working. He did not get into deep relationships with women.
Inthe other side, Marcus, who was 12 years old, had just moved to London. His parents had got divorced four years ago, but he was worried because his motherwas crying a lot more than in Cambridge, where he lived before, and he didn´t know why. Marcus didn’t mind that his mother had boyfriends; he justwanted her to be happy. Apart from that he had trouble at school, because he was a weird kid.
The main
Marcus and Will get to know each other in SPAT(single parents alone together). Will had decided to enter to this club to meet single mums, to do so he pretended to have a son, called Ned. Fiona, Marcus´mum, who had tried to commit suicide several times, also attended to this group. From this moment on, Marcus and Will start building a nice friendship.Lessons from the story
This book shows us, that the more help we give, the better our own lives will get. Apart from that you discover that having truefriends is more important than money.
Your opinion
About a boy is an actual story, in which the main characters present problems of the real, daily life.The way in which the characters relate their lives is interesting and makes the story amusing because of the subject that talks about, that is love.
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