Abuse of food

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  • Publicado : 11 de marzo de 2012
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The abuse of fast food The consumption of this type of food does not suppose any disadvantage for the health whenever it does not become a habit nor it replacesbasic foods. But what it is happening it is that more and more they include them to people as bases of its diet, without being conscious of the nutritional dangers thatit entails. Excessive energy With only one food fast food interferes more than half of necessary the daily energy. If to it we added the energy contributed by therest of meals of the day, the power content of the total ingestion goes off and the excess of weight is favored. Too much fat and cholesterol The saturated fats - inexcess they tend to increase the levels of cholesterol in blood and the cholesterol they are abundant in these products due to sauces with greasy egg, butter, cream,butter and other ingredients that are used in their elaboration, and to oils of the Coco and palm that are used in the fritura. Difficult digestions In the majorityof the occasions the foods are fried, dimmed or rebozados, reason why they become rich in fat, that warmed up is still more indigestible. Abundant additivesGenerally, these products contain more salt than those than are prepared in house, partly because sodium is used like preservative. In addition, to secure the aspect wishedas far as color, scent, flavor and texture they take to additions preservatives, colouring, antiapelmazantes, estabilizantes, etc. These plates usually includestrong condiments or additives that harness the flavor and that stimulate the appetite and, with time, alter the perception of the sense of the taste and create habit.
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