Act 3 summary pygmalion

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* The next day, in Higgins's house on 10 Wimpole Street, Higgins and the Colonel are talking shop when Mrs. Pearce, Henry's very reasonable maid, tells him that a girl with a funnyaccent has come to the door.
* Thinking he might get some good material from her, he decides to let her in.
* The flower girl from the night before comes in wearing some(relatively) clean clothes and what may just be the funniest hat you've ever seen. She introduces herself as Eliza Doolittle.
* Higgins is about to throw her out – he already "has" her accent– when she demands to be given speaking lessons.
* After some deliberation, Higgins and Pickering decide to take her on as a client, only they treat the whole thing like a bet.Theyreally want to see if they can pass her off as a duchess in six months time.
* Higgins tells Mrs. Pearce to go burn all of Eliza's clothes and get her clean.
* While she's offin the shower, a hulking dustman – that's British for garbage man – comes in and introduces himself as Alfred Doolittle, Eliza's father.
* Doolittle proceeds to talk Higgins intogiving him five pounds for booze in return for leaving Eliza alone.
* Higgins, amazed by his speaking ability, does give him some cash, but their discussion is interrupted by theentrance of a "Japanese Lady."
* She turns out to be Eliza in a kimono, and without all the dirt and the silly clothes, Eliza's really pretty.
* Eliza loves all the attention somuch she wants to go down to where all the other flower girls hang out and strut her stuff.
* Higgins knows this is a bad idea and tells her so. Mrs. Pearce lures her away with thepromise of new clothes.
* Eliza howls like a banshee again before skipping off stage.
* Pickering and Higgins shake their heads in disbelief. They've got a lot of work to do.
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