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  • Publicado : 16 de enero de 2011
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I am addicted to the Internet

Many of us enjoy the use of the Internet on a daily. We review the news, stock exchange; we communicate with distant relatives and even share photos. Our children study through it and uses for fun too. But when to realize that we or someone near to us are doing an excessive use? How can we determine if someone has a computer or Internet addiction problem?

1-Problem description:
In my case the problem is that I like to use the computer for long period. I wake up in the morning to connect to Facebook, Farmville, City Ville and check my e-mails. Then I make my online payments, check my bank account, read the newspaper; all of this through the Internet. This can take as much as four or five hours a day. I also like to make Internet shopping. I do not seethis as a problem but for my husband it is. He pretends that I use it five or ten minutes a day. He is freak about My Space, Facebook or social networks like these. Also I need to hide myself when using it or I used it meanwhile he is at work. Thanks God that since I am in the university I have a good excuse.
2- What kind of information I will gather to help me solving this problem and where tofind it:
I need to make research about the topic, gather information, analyze, clarify and evaluate what I have found. For example define what an addiction is and what type of behavior can prove that I am acquiring an addiction. Which are the symptoms and its causes? I used search engines in the web and also use the university’s library resource. On the web I found different support resourceswhere describes the possible symptoms, which are the different types of addiction and types of addiction can we see regularly.
“I read that the Internet addiction is an issue that has not investigated in depth because it does not have much history”
In my research regarding the problem, I found that it is difficult to make a definition for “Internet Addiction”. The term covers a wide range ofactions, few people is addictive to the object "computer" physically but to the activities performed on them. A computer addiction focuses on the use of the Internet and is often known “Internet Addiction Disorder”
Description of Internet Addiction Disorder- An excessive use of the Internet brings a person to neglect its chores, studies, family members, its work, and their intimate lives, also toneglect its personal hygiene. People can put in risk their employment, infringing the rules and policies set by the employer for Internet usage. Without realizing a person can isolate itself to everything. Sometimes a person can feel a sense of bad humor if the Internet service provider cut the service or simply if it is not running. Verifying the mail consistently, gambling, give higher priority toour cyber-relationships than the real friends are some behaviors we need to be alert. Addicts often have different reasons for these habits, most of the time filling they sense of loneliness.
2- Process I use to evaluate the information gathered. What types of things do I consider as I evaluate the information?
I review the source of the information, most of the information in which the siteswere from psychology and medicine related. I examine for example: its components by analyzing causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. I also compare the information between resources; look for similar statements and different points of view.
I can conclude that an “addiction” is a little more complex for the simple reason that a computer is a useful tool. We cannot determine thatan individual who use a computer as a hobby has an addiction because then all individuals who invert time on its hobby would have an addiction.
According to the research appears the Internet produces no addiction but makes it easier reinforcing behaviors such as games, shopping, and social relationships can be more easily performed using the Internet as a medium. Therefore, important...
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