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  • Publicado : 29 de febrero de 2012
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Rebuilding Instructions
for Canon iR-2200/2220/2800/3300/3320

Instrucciones de reconstrucción Canon iR-2200/2220/2800/3300/3320 Grunderneuerungsanleitungen Canon iR-2200/2220/2800/3300/3320 Instructions de reconditionnement Canon iR-2200/2220/2800/3300/3320 Istruzioni per la rigenerazione Canon iR-2200/2220/2800/3300/3320 Instruções para reconstrução Canon iR-2200/2220/2800/3300/3320Инструкция по реконст Canon iR-2200/2220/2800/3300/3320


© 2006 Katun Corporation

Rebuilding Instructions for Canon iR-2200/2220/2800/3300/3320
(A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (I) (J) (K) Front Cover Handle Black Pivot Arm Drum Retaining Pin Plate OPC Drum PCR Bracket Holder Front Securing Clips Rear Securing Clips Front Drum Cleaning Blade Side Seal Rear Drum Cleaning Blade Side Seal DrumCleaning Blade Rear PCR Cleaning Pad Actuator Linkage

Rebuild Kit Contents: (1) OPC Drum (1) Drum Cleaning Blade (1) Rebuild Instructions (1) Copy Count Label (1) Wipe Recommended Tools & Materials • • • • Kynar Dusting Pouch (Katun PN 11707200) Phillips Screwdriver, (Katun PN11009066) Office Equipment Service Vacuum (Katun PN 11737730) Lint-Free Cloths (Katun PN 11707338)

DISASSEMBLY NOTE:Follow these instructions carefully. The quality and performance of the iR-2200/2800/3300-series rebuilt drum unit/cartridge (DU/C) will depend on your workmanship as well as the condition of the used DU/C being rebuilt. 1. Remove the front cover/handle (A) by carefully lifting the two snap-fit tabs on the upper left side and lower right side of the front cover/handle. 2. Remove the OPC drumshutter from the DU/C by disconnecting the tension spring from the black pivot arm (B). Release the pivot arm interlock from the shutter by rotating the arm clockwise, then pull to remove. 3. To release the used OPC drum (D), remove the drum retaining pin plate (C) by removing three screws. Remove and discard the used OPC drum. 4. Remove the primary charge roller (PCR) unit assembly (E) by removing thetwo securing clips (one front (F) and one rear (G)). Carefully maneuver (rear side first) and remove the PCR (E) unit assembly. Be careful when disconnecting the rear PCR cleaning pad actuator linkage (K). Take care not to lose the positioning spring (front) or damage the PCR. 5. Clean the charge roller with charge roller cleaning wipe, or with clean deionized water and white Chicopee Chix SoftCloth. NOTE: Insufficient cleaning of the PCR can cause light streaks on copies. 6. Remove the two drum cleaning blade side seals (H, I), one screw per seal. 7. Remove the used drum cleaning blade (J) by removing the two screws that secure it to the cartridge frame. Discard the used drum cleaning blade. NOTE: Save any plastic spacer shims present behind the drum cleaning blade. If present, notetheir position, as they will be used again during the rebuilding process outlined below. 8. Vacuum waste toner from the entire cleaning unit auger system, being careful not to damage the toner recovery blade mylar. NOTE: A damaged toner recovery blade mylar will cause toner dropping/random black spots on copies. REBUILDING 9. Reinstall any drum cleaning blade plastic spacer shim(s) removed/saved instep 7. Install the new drum cleaning blade provided in the Katun Rebuild Kit. Secure the blade with the two screws removed in step 7. 10. NOTE: DO NOT TOUCH THE URETHANE BLADE SURFACE WHEN HANDLING. 11. IMPORTANT: Apply a dusting of fresh Kynar powder to the edge of the new drum-cleaning blade. 12. Reinstall and secure the two drum cleaning blade side seals (H, I) removed in step 6. 13. Reinstallthe PCR unit assembly (E), aligning the front spring-loaded end first and the rear end last. Secure the PCR unit assembly with the two securing clips removed in step 4. Reconnect the rear PCR cleaning pad actuator linkage (K). 14. Install the new OPC drum, securing it with the drum retaining pin plate (C) and the three screws removed in step 3. Manually rotate the drum downward (normal...
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