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Adam Smith the Father of economy
His Postulates and works

Being called the father of economy it’s by itself a great honor, Adam Smith changed entirely the way of conceiving the way of see the economy and the way to study the facts that altered and affected the world economic dogmas.
He was born on Scotland land of the whiskey and the Celtic warriors, but since he got called the father ofeconomy we can say also that Scotland has the right to bear the title of the Nation Father or economy if they would wish. Adam was born in a day that mankind doesn’t know well but his Baptist is registered in the 5th of June of 1973. Smith lost his father before he was born and this make him to grow a strong relationship with his mother, another relevant fact in the early days of Adam is that he gotabducted by gypsies at the age of 4 and therefore released in a rescue ride.
He attended to the Burgh School of Kirkcaldy which was considered one of the best secondary schools of those times in Scotland, and here he got his first contact with subjects like mathematics, History, Latin and Writing.
After finishing those studies he went to the University of Glasgow when he was fourteen and studiedmoral Philosophy. It is hard to tell why Adam started studying a subject that has little to do with economy but maybe it was because the death of his father and all the internal thinking that this causes that made him go for this subject. Here Smith showed a great love for the use of reason and he got the Snell exhibition which was a scholarship and left to Oxford. The best university in Englandbut Adam was not happy here and the only advantage that he took from this school was the access to a huge amount of books thanks to the oxfords library.
Afterwards when he graduated Smith became a teacher and started to spread his knowledge and way of thinking to a lot of students who took eagerly his new way of analyzing the economy, he was also helped with the patronage of Lord kames and thisallowed Smith to publish lectures in Edinburgh.
He was influenced severely by Aristotle, Butler, Cantillon, Chydenius, Hobbes, Hume, Hutcheson , Locke, Mandeville, Petty, Quesnay and he influenced Belgrano, Comte · Darwin, Engels, Friedman, Hayek, Hegel, Jevons, Keynes, Malthus, Chomsky, Marx , Menger, Mill, Rand, Ricardo, Semyon, Desnitsky, US Founding Fathers.
Adam Smith Contributions to theworld
To do an analysis of Smith contribution to the world is complicated because he made contributions in several areas of knowledge for the mankind, he started teaching in Glasgow where he quickly grow a reputation as an excellent teacher, later as it was foreseen, when the head of Moral philosophy died he took over the charge, this changed a lot the reputation of the Glasgow university andmade, it grow. The people that lived around Smith describe that those years were very happy for him.
If we analyze this period of life of smith we would understand better his contribution to the world, as he billed himself as an academic he developed a new way of viewing the facts, the systematic study of things and the implementation of scientific process for empirical investigations.
This indeedis one of his major contributions because he actually did a great improve on how data was gathered for the study of economy. The fact that smith took the head of the faculty helped a lot for his future, because a lot of students were leaving other universities, this helped in the long term to spread Smith Theories and ways of working.
Adam Published The Theory of Moral Sentiments in 1759 whichwas a compendium of his previously published lectures that he made under the patronage of Lord kames, this works keeps his main idea on how human morality depends on the sympathy that one person has with another. So far the works of smith did not focused on economy but they had a structure that would fill the posterior works of future scientists. It was after this work that Smith started to...
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