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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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Generally art is the ability to create something. When talking about performing arts creations we are talking about where the performer is part of thework. By its nature the performing arts are ephemeral, meaning they do not last in time that lasts more than one execution. The music, dance, theater,poetry (or recitation actually) and any performance having to wear on stage is considered an art of this type.

The oldest should be the music and dance asshown in the paintings. Then comes the theater as an extension of the dance. Apparently, Africa is born as a representation of their daily activities andreligious, then in Egypt are dramatic representations of the life of Osiris and the Greeks are the first to create special places for suchrepresentations. The Romans expanded throughout the known world a taste for the real or fictional representations, wearing masks or not. In the East there are many formsof theater, dance and other arts with more or less similar structures to the west.
In America we can say that the great civilizations exploited all theperforming arts. There is now a large group of struggling arts arise, for example says that filmmaking is a way to endure the theater but consideringanimation techniques as part of the cinematic arts this claim falls under its own weight. Animated or not is a performing art because it has all theresources, in my humble opinion, also requires a framework like the same movies or TV where represented and that representation is as ephemeral as any other work.
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