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  • Publicado : 21 de diciembre de 2010
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Welcome to Hunting Unlimited 2011
Welcome to Hunting Unlimited 2011! For fans of the Hunting Unlimited series, our latest version brings an all new game engine that brings you even more realistic animals, weapons and environments. For new hunters, we are sure that you will find the Hunting Unlimited 2011 experience extremely exciting and rewarding!
Hunt your way across the Continental Statesincluding Alaska in an all new Hunting Unlimited Adventure. Play in two exciting game modes as you hone your skills unlocking increasingly more powerful weapons and ever more challenging hunting locations.
Take aim at whitetail deer, mule deer, elk, moose and bighorn sheep, but keep an eye out for danger as there are more than just two legged hunters looking for an easy lunch.
This Help menuwill help with the basics of the game. Hands on experience and experimentation are the best way to understand all the options of the game. You’ll have your own private log cabin where a map will display un-lockable hunting locations as well as a selection of weapons. Above you fireplace you’ll see a collection of your top trophy’s animals in each category.
We at Arb Studios and Valusoft hopethat you will enjoy the many hunts with Hunting Unlimited 2011. Now go out and have the hunt of a lifetime!
General Information
The Hunt View
The HUD (Heads Up Display) gives you all the information needed as you embark on your hunt. Remember to press Escape to look at your Options at any time, including adjusting your Key Controls and Video Options and also to exit your hunt at any time (likewhen your boss is near).

Compass and Wind Direction
In the Upper Left corner is your compass, and inside it is a blue squiggly line indicating the wind direction. You are represented as a triangle in the center of the compass with the top of the compass always oriented to the direction you are facing. The green arrow points to the direction of your quarry while stalking game changing to a greencircle as you begin to near your target. You can get closer to the animals without being detected if you adjust your path to remain downwind as you approach. A quick spray of cover scent will help mask your scent allowing you to get closer still.

Player Health
The upper right corner has an icon representing your health. Run out of health and your round is over.

Using YourRifle, Bow or Shotgun
The weapon you’ve chosen for your hunt is always visible on the screen in the grasp of your avatar. To aim the shotgun simply point it at the target using your mouse, to bring up the targeting reticule for the bow draw back the bow string by holding down the left mouse button or whichever key you’ve mapped to the keyboard or mouse. Release the key to let the arrow fly. Tobring up the rifle scope use the TAB key or again whatever key you’ve mapped from the Controls menu. You can zoom in and out if you are using a scope by rolling the mouse wheel or selecting the + or – key on the keyboard.
Improve your Aim
Hold your breath just prior to shooting to steady your aim by selecting the dedicated key (see Controls). If you’ve been running after your quarry your heartwill be beating very fast affecting your aim. Try walking or standing still for a few seconds to recover and help steady your aim.

Viewing your Hunt Summary
You are able to see a summary of your highest scores per hunting location by highlighting the area on your map. Highlighting the wall mounted trophies will display the score for the top trophy animal regardless of hunting location.Pausing / Ending your Hunt
You may pause a hunt in progress by hitting the Escape key on your keyboard and continue by selecting the Resume key. You may also hit Escape and then Abort or Main Menu to quite the game in progress.
Hints and hunting tips
Each weapon type has its advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of hunt and animals you encounter. Your success in the...