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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2011
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Space/Time & Numerical Considerations

Ivar Zapp

“The Lost Worldview of the Navigators of the Ancient World”
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The Language of Atlantis
W hile searching for the tongue of Atlantis, it occurred to me that the proof of the structure of the original tongue of the ancient world might be found when we solve the following question: why do the vowelsand consonants have the distribution that they do? My intuition told me that the apparent random distribution of the vowels and consonants might hide a code that could help identify the long sought Universal Tongue.

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t uvwxyz a e i o u (v) 1 5 9 15 21 22
In other words, if I could find a reason why the vowels have the above numerical position in thealphabet, then I might be able to prove which language was the mother tongue. To my surprise, I found the reason, but it implied that something “amusing” had happened at the Tower of Babel. I asked: why would a “superior being” want to destroy it, and consequently induce the confusion of languages and thought? This is a vexing question to which I had no reasonable answer. However, I knew that thismonument was a stepped pyramid or a ziggurat. [1] Therefore, I also asked: could there be an intrinsic relationship between a pyramid and the original sole tongue of the ancient world? [2] I speculated that: If this could be proven, then I might also know the origin of alphabetical writing and the prehistoric origins of ordered thought. Although in “Atlantis in America, Navigators of the Ancient World”I presented convincing evidence that the Huetar navigators were related to the Greek Myth of Atlantis and their god of Astronomy Atlas, I did not dwell on the meaning of the “Celestial Sphere,” which Atlas supported on his shoulders. [3] I asked myself: could the navigators of the ancient world have ciphered the alphabet by adopting a mathematical model similar to the image below. That model opensthe possibility that each number could be replaced by an alphabetical letter, according to the numerical position of the letter within the whole alphabet. Needless to say, this method of interpreting the distribution of the alphabetical letters is a novel approach to solving the mystery of the apparent random position of the vowels and consonants. Nevertheless, I proceeded with this thornyinquiry, and prepared myself to learn whatever this path may offer. So what is the Celestial Sphere? It is in today’s terms, the abstract geodesic grid that surrounds the globe, in the manner shown in the illustration. Common sense suggests that without that kind of grid the ancient navigators would not have been able find their position on the earthly globe, and steer their ships to the right ports. Whave ample evidence that proves that they did cross regularly the oceans of the world. Therefore, we can suppose that these prehistoric navigators adopted a model of the firmament, and formed the constellations the way we know them. Since time immemorial the fundamental guiding principle has been the four cardinal directions, which allows us to describe: where am I with regard to the position ofothers. This space consideration, common sense tells us, comes before we can speak about who I am. In the model below, any observer on the equatorial circle of the inner globe is either located between the position of number 10 and 6, 6 and 3, and 7, or 7 and 10. [4]


Furthermore, we know that in the above image that North-South rotation axis of planet Earth is represented by number 1 and...
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