The jilting of granny weatherall qs

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The Jilting of Granny Weatherall
1. Weatherall’s stream of consciousness is appropriate for the story because it helps to describe the state that her brain is in. Weatherall’s condition seems tobe that of a person who is close to their death bed. She is constantly fading in and out from the past and the present, with her lost sense of reality she seems to be close to the end. Her stream ofconsciousness does not really reveal much about her past because they are all jumbled together in one big memory and unless you were her it was difficult to understand who John, George and Hapsy were.With the lack of clarity readers gain a better insight on what is truly happening in Ellen’s mind, even though she is not as focused as she was before she still continues to think about the thingsthat probably did not go according to plan.
2. Granny’s antagonist include god, the fiancé that left her, the memories of the things she cannot change and sometimes even her own children. Theconflicts within her go to the extent that she is fighting with her memories to try and find an old love interest and let him know that she never forgot. Now that she is close to the end, Ellen deals withthe conflicts between herself and her daughter Cornelia, Cornelia calls a doctor while Granny does not want to accept the fact that she is really sick.
3. The major events of Granny’s life include:her fiancé leaving her, her son dying, raising her children alone and having to choose between two men. The one’s that she remembers helps to define her character because it shows that she cansurvive, and that she is strong. They also help to define her character because it proves that she is an independent mother, she does not need a man to help her raise her children.
4. Granny has lived atroublesome life. She has had to survive raising children by herself and the death of a child. Coming from a single parent household myself I can say from experience that granny probably lived a...