Alice chapter 1

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Alice Chapter 1
1.This is what a computer device does
c. Follows instructions to perform a task.
2. This is a set of instructions that the computer follows
b. Program
3. This is a set ofwell-defined logical steps that must be taken in order to perform a task
a. Algorithm
4. This is the only language that a computer understands
b. Machine language
5. This is a number that consists ofonly 1s and 0s
a. Binary
6. A program written in this is much easier for people to understand than a program written in machine language
b. A programming language
7. This translates a program intomachine language
d. Compiler
8. These are the words that make up a programming language
c. Keywords
9. This is a set of rules that must be strictly followed when writing a program
b. Syntax
10. Ifa program contains even one of these, it cannot be translated into an executable program
a. Syntax error
11. This is the part of the Alice world has these, which are values that specify theobject`s characteristics
d. Object tree

12. Each object in an Alice world has these, which are values that specify the object`s characteristics
a. Properties
13. This is a set of programmingstatements that an object can execute
b. Methods
14. This is a description of particular type of object; you can think of it as a blueprint that objects may be created from
c. Class
15. In a programmingterminology, this is what objects are also called
b. Instances of a class
16. This is a yellow box that appears around an object to indicate that is selected
c. Bounding box
17. This is the part ofthe Alice environment where an object`s properties are displayed
a. Details Panel
18. This is how many degrees of freedom objects in a 3D world have
c. Six
19. This is what an object turns aroundwhen you rotate it
b. The object`s center point
20. When an object is selected you see three axes displayed in order or near the object, which indicate the objects orientation. This is the...
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