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Monica Chamorro
Ms. Kern
AP English
August 16, 2012

Is America falling apart?

1. If Burgess would write about America today, then he mightadd that it has changed a lot since 1971 since technology has improved extremely 40 years of that time. Also as part of technology then he would also modifythat Americans live in a technological world and by that family respect had fallen as well as values that people used to have with no technologicaladvances. School now-a-days does let the teacher travel around their own opinions, but can’t really contradict what society believes to be true. Burgess wouldalso leave that America is still a prewar country because unlike Italy that everything goes wrong most of the times, in America everything is though to beperfect (in there standards). For that reason is something fails, the society wouldn’t know how to react and therefore is unprepared for something to gowrong.

2. In paragraph 10 Burgess is referring to that in America there is not sense of going above the ordinary in education. There is always thishand or “wall” that takes the innovation to a stop. For this he explains that there is no “daring, madness, or readiness to get involved”. He alsomentions that in Europe the teachers couldn’t be fired, only if they do something bad to the students, but in America they can. In my own experience I thinkthat teachers do try and break the “wall” but are afraid of something they might say to the students and contradict their parents (religion for example).
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