American dream

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  • Publicado : 11 de diciembre de 2011
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American Dream

As a consequence of the war on terrorism, many old war tactics to interrogate prisoners have been focus of debate by the government and the Medias. With the Iraq’s war some peoplehad learned why war is call war and how the laws are to break it when we have a good reason. We have been hearing about CIA’s secret prisons and how the process to get information after September 11,2001 was. But let’s take a look in the details of one of the worse methods of torture “sleep deprivation” and how is still supported by people that thinks it as a way to get information in the war’stime.
Sleep deprivation is one of the torture’s methods that include being awake for long periods of time, and is use in a interrogative session when suspect is in a semiconscious state, butsometimes they cannot really tell the truth, because experts says that the suspect is in a hallucinations situation and sometimes they just invent information that the person in front wants to hear. One ofthe possible side effects of a continued lack of sleep is death. The Pentagon has denied torturing Iraqi prisoners, but it has admitted using sleep deprivation and playing loud rock music to breakprisoners’ resistance.
It was known that brutal executions and a thousand forms would follow the “holy war” of George W. Bush in Iraq. Just to refer to the images that appeared a couple years ago,showing prisoners tortured and humiliated in Abu Ghraib by members of the US armed forces, new information would denounce that the abuse isworse than those on the long list of violations during America’s intervention: the imprisonment of children. The UN’s Integrated RegionalInformation Networks recently confirmed the existence of minors imprisoned in some Iraqi jails. The investigations began after several families went to a humanitarian organization, seeking psychological...
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