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  • Publicado : 5 de marzo de 2012
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JULIAN: Now that we are trough with our work, we ought to have a little fun.
B: Well, what do have in mind?
JULIAN: I don´t know exactly, sight-seeing is important, but I think it wouldbe worthwhile to do something else for a change.
B: Now would you like to see a stage show or a movie?
JULIAN: I don´t understand the difference between the two.
B: Any act or series of acts thatappear on the stage of a theater, say a group of singers, jugglers, a band, or a dance team, is a stage show a movie, on the other band is just a film.
In addition to these two types of shows whichusually appear in a movie theater, there, are plays which appear in the legitimate theater.
JULIAN: I see what you mean, couldn´t we see one of those this evening?
B: Certainly, but how aboutvisiting the radio television station now?
I think you would enjoy that, wouldn´t you?
JULIAN: Right, let´s do that, then. I would like to visit some historical sites and government agencies too.
B: Allright, let me see the guide so we can make our plans.
B: The tour was certainly enjoyable, but I’m completely exhausted.
JULIAN: Well, let´s go back to the hotel and take a nap for awhile, then later after supper, we can go to see the show.
B: I can see now fond of shows you are, I myself would prefer to go to the opera or to a concert, I think.
JULIAN: For one thing. I´m notsure if there is an opera in town, now. I wouldn´t mind going there but I think it comes only during the winter.
B: Now about a concert, then? Is there a good one to night?
JULIAN: I guess so, but Iwonder if we could manage to get two good seats on such short notice.
B: I don´t care about good seats to me it´s all the same whether. I sit in the balcony or in the orchestra.
JULIAN: In that caselet me call and find out what they have left.
B: Did you find out?
JULIAN: Yes, it is supposed to be a good program.
B: What time is it going to start?
JULIAN: That´s the trouble, it will start...
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