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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2010
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Love in Relationships

I can say that I agree with Aristotle in his point of view that all of us need to have friends so; we can interact in our society. In allmy life, I had never seen someone without friends at least the person has one o two friends. People really need friends to interact in our society because we needto get involved in the society to have a real life. Friendships are very important for us not just, because we need them but also because it is a natural need ofhuman beings. We always look for someone to talk, to hung out, and to spend a good time these people are called friends. The best proof that we need friendships inour life is our daily life, when we walk around we see group of people talking, laughing, and sometimes making arguments. This is just how we human beings are.Through all my experiences with my friends, personally I can tell that I have found love and felt it. We need to be good friends to find the real love as friends.However, it is not easy all the time to find truly friends. True friends should be like brothers, we need to trust on them, we need to have a deep relationship. Goodfriends know each other very well as if they were brothers. To find love in a friendship should be loyalty to our friends, keeping all that they could sayconfidentially. We can have many friends but not always they are going to be really friends, because we have just a few who are really friends. Many people can say that allwho they call friends are their best friends, but I think we have just a few who are our best friends and with them we can find real love in our friendships.
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