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Sitting at the bus stop, wearing a suit, Forrest Gump Tell them stories of his life to a woman who is sitting next to him (people change regularly throughout the film).

Much of Forrest's philosophy comes from his mother. Forrest often recalls her favorite quote, saying, "Mom always said" "life is like a box of chocolates" and stupid is stupid does. "Reveals that Forrest was namedin honor of a distant ancestor, Nathan Bedford Forrest, who was one of the founders of the Ku KluxKlan as a reminder that "sometimes things just do not make sense." Following his low IQ, which usually require special education, please do it his mother arranged to incorporate a public school having sex withthe director. On his first day of school, school bus called Jenny, who is sexually abused byher father.

In its early years, his back hunched Forrest, and media used in the legs to stand upright and walk. These supports did walk awkwardly. He lived with his mother in which unacasa rented rooms. Once Forrest's mother finds him dancing with a boy who plays his guitar. The mother tells Forrest that will not disturb the young traveler, who is not young ledice discomfort and asks Forrest tocontinue dancing as Forrest could not dance very well by the metal legs its very unique pasoes and this young man known as The King takes that step to become one of the most known in the famous Elvis Presley. Due to its metal legs could not run. When a group of rowdy hunt is on their bikes, Forrest begins to run urged by Jenny. When you start running, the metal supports and legs fall swiftlylolargo Forrest runs the town. From that day Forrest takes a taste for running and atodos places where you are going it does run

On the day of his graduation, he is approached by an army sergeant and recruit. Gump says he fits into the army "as a pin" yes number one in his platoon. After assembling his M14 rifle in record time, his platoon sergeant says, "I would recommend you to Soldier OfficialGump, if not a loss to lose a man so skilled!" His only friend is Benjamin Buford "Bubba" Blue, who knows all about the business of shrimp. The prawns are cooked in a thousand forms in the mind of Bubba. Bubba and Forrest agreed to partner to venture into the "business of shrimp" once they leave the army. While Forrest and Bubba is white is black, they find they have lives, philosophies of life, andmothers like, Bubba said, "My mom says that too."

One night while lying down, a comrade gives Forrest a Playboy issue and says "look at those tits." Forrest turns a page and acknowledge that the girl on that page is nothing more nor less queJenny, wearing only his college sweater. The photo causes it to be expelled, and started playing the guitar naked as "Bobby Dylan" in a cabaret. Forrestcomes to visit and see when men are rude to her while touching a subject of Blowin 'in the Wind by Bob Dylan. He hits and tries to rescue Jenny, but this incident caused her to be fired.

The couple later remembers the good times, and Jenny recalls when they hid from her stepfather in the planting of corn, and she prayed to God that turned into a bird. AForrest then asks, "Do you think you couldfly if you jump from this bridge? ..." This worries Forrest, but Jenny forget the situation and asks to take her to a driver. Forrest warns of his imminent departure to Vietnam, and she advises you not to try to be a hero, and if this issue is simply to run.

While serving in the Army in the Vietnam War, under Lt. Dan Elcomed carries his wounded comrades to save section of an ambush, earning theMedal of Honor. When he received the medal, President Lyndon Johnson asked where he was shot, Forrest responds, "I got shot in the back, sir." Johnson joked about seeing the wound, to which Gump down their pants to show the wound to the president. During this rescue, TenienteDan loses his legs, and Bubba is fatally wounded and dies in brazosde Forrest. While Forrest is recovering from his wound,...
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