An inconvenient truth

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  • Publicado : 8 de junio de 2010
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I think it’s a fact that the film ‘ An inconvenient truth’ is controversial. The film attacks directly the policy of George Bush and also it is controversial because showsa radical side of global warning that scared us. After I watched the film I see the end of the world drawing near to our life. It’s controversial because it includes political messages against thepolicy what I have already said. It's not a good idea to send this film to all the schools if it contains messages of this type. I think the film just shows one point of view , one scientific side, andone political side. But maybe it's even more controversial to those people who doesn't want to know what it's really happening in the world so they just claim it contains nine scientific errors andit's alarmist and 'exaggerated'. But they don't say that the film is completely false or wrong. So it' s also truth, as the title says ' an inconvenient truth'.
We can ignore neither the ninescientific errors, it’s true that the snows in Kilimanjaro are melting right now, but it’s sure that if we don’t do anything they certainly will melt. The sea levels it’s going to raise, maybe not as soon asAl Gore says, but it will happen soon or later. Probably all the predictions are not truth even if they are based in scientific results. Because they are predictions, so they are not going to beexact , but i think everyone knows that global warming it’s a fact, something that happens right now all over the world. The film draw near all the predictions , so maybe we have more time to change, andit’s not necessary to be so alarmist. But if they are predictions, all the disasters that are mentioned in the film can happen before we are expecting too, so what then?
The thing now it’s check andcompare the scientific results, proofs that appeared in the film.
Although i must admit the film is exaggerated i think it’s a way that can make people conscious. The people, us , we don't do...
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