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Posted: June 14, 2009 by sheuban in literary
Tags: analysis of a rose for emily, structuaral analysis of a rose for emily
A Rose for Emily is William Faulkner’s short story, which tells about the life of Ms. Emily, which is eccentric. This story is narrated through a third person’s point of view. Itappears that the narrator is on the outside looking in, and giving his or her version of the life and events leading to the death of Emily. The combination of the past, Emily, and the future, the town or community is widely seen throughout the work. The story starts with Ms. Emily’s funeral. It states that “the men through a sort of respectful affection for a fallen monument, the women mostly out ofcuriosity to see the inside of her house, which no one save an old man servant, a combined gardener and cook had seen in at least ten years.” As we can see, Miss. Emily was sort of like a mystery to citizens of the town.
Miss Emily is a stubborn and sheltered woman who refuses, or perhaps cannot except that the world around her is changing. She lives in her father’s house in isolation with herNegro servant, Tobe seemingly unaffected by time. Miss Emily was raised by her father and was taught that she was of a higher class then the rest of the town. The Griersons, once a prestigious family name, becomes part of the past and no longer holds such resonance. She was continuously reminded that no man was good enough for her, which then led to a life without the love of another man besides herfather. Once her father dies, she refuses to come to terms with his death and repeatedly claims that her father is still alive. When she alive, she had been a tradition, a duty and a care. She was dedicated as the figure of imperialism people in the southern American, who are land owner and rich people.
Life is sad and tragic; some of which is made for us and some of which we make ourselves.Emily had a hard life. Everything that she loved left her. Her father probably impressed upon her that every man she met was not good enough for her. The townspeople even talked about her when her father died and talked about how “The house was all that was left to her; and in a way, people were glad being left alone. She had become humanized”. This sounds as if her father’s death was sort of a relieffor Emily. In a way it was, she could begin to date and date men of her choice and liking. Her father couldn’t chase them off any more. Now since the passing of her father unfortunately, for Emily she became home bound. She didn’t socialize much. Faulkner describes Emily and her family as a high social class. Emily did carry herself with dignity and people gave her that respect based on fear ofwhat Emily could do to them.
In the unfolded plot summary, Emily Grierson, the protagonist, bears a miserable life with her father. Losing her chances of marriage (or her future life) is followed by the lost of her father (her past). She has nowhere and no one to connect with, and society ignores her. Losing her social role, she becomes isolated. She is left alone, when she is much in need ofsomeone, at least a friend. Here comes a chance of friendship with a man form the lower class, but a lover at least, who seems to be gay in the eyes of other people, but acts promising toward Emily. Emily’s father probably would not be pleased with this affair with him. He is good-looking, a “big, dark, ready man, with a big voice and eyes lighter than his face”. She shouldn’t think of him seriously,but she does. When he wants to leave, Emily has nothing else to lose. She lives an eccentric life, kills the lover and lives with his corpse until she dies
This careful series of events, following each other, prepares us to the discovery of killing and her eccentric life. But it is not narrated chronologically, in order to keep the suspense and increase the tension about the ending; murder, and...
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