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Guide literary analysis applied to the play by Bernard Shaw, Pygmalion.

Genre: Theatre

Topic: The transformation of a girl born and raised in the slumsof society in a perfectly respectable Lady. Socio-cultural classes and love.

Plot: It all begins in London at Covent Garden, just off a performance at theOpera House. Professor Higgins takes note of the accents of a group of people working in the market, with special attention, how to talk about one of theflorists, Elisa. The meeting with a colleague, Colonel Pickering, seal a bet: Professor Higgins will be able to make Elisa in six months, in a real Lady? Willing todo, Elisa will move to the mansion where they live Higgins, Pickering and strict housekeeper. Meanwhile, the experiment begins to take shape with hard lessonsthat deplete Elisa Higgins and despair. Finally there is light and in view of progress, Higgins decides to undergo the first test, at the home of his mother,Mrs. Higgins. Where she meets a young apueso Freddy Eynsford Hill llamda.
Higgins you to a new trial, the Garden Party. Success is all. Elisa behaves as awhole aristocrat. Back home, Elisa Higgins and maintain a violent argument with the march to unbind it, have fallen in love and nobody wants to admit it.

Timeand place of events: London, early S. XX, late nineteenth S

Internal structure:

Introduction: It is up to Elisa begins to live with Higgins.

Node:begins when Eliza and Higgins discussed after the Garden Party, and then Elisa goes home.

Outcome: Higgins begins when Elisa is in the house of Mrs. Higgins.
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