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conditional mixed
This type of conditional talks about things that were possible in the past, but it did not happen and now it's too late. unreal conditional sentences are those whose time in thecase of clause is different from the time in the main clause. Now see the next example:
If he had got up earlier, we wouldn’t be late.
The conditional sentence is mixed, mixing something that wasnot met in the past with their hypothetical result now: the first part is the third conditional and the second part is the second conditional for this reason is called mixed conditional because thethree conditional mixture therefore either past, present or future
I'm busy next week. If I had time, I would come to the party.
If they had not trained hard, they have not won.
As youcan see, both refer to: the present, the future or the past. Putting together sentences, conditional get mixed. This are diferents kind of combinations of times.
Past and Present
If my father had notlost his keys, he would not have to wait until I find them. But my father lost his keys and therefore have to wait until I find them.
If you have installed an anti-virus, my computer would not beso slow now. But installing antivirus, so my computer is so slow now.
If our house was broken into, we would be very sad. But the house was not broken into and we are not sad.
Past and Future
Ifour house was broken into, we call the police. But the house was not broken and that we will not call the police.

If I won the lottery last week, you would buy a new sofa today. But we have not wonthe lottery and are not going to buy a new sofa today.
Present and Past
If I were smarter, I would have graduated from Stanford. But I'm smarter and therefore did not graduate from StanfordUniversity.
If Mary were not a snob, she had not had many games this year. But Mary is a snob and therefore did not have many games this year.
Present and Future
If you were more eloquent, who became a...
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