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ThinkFree Office Mobile for Android 2.0

Hardware manufacturers are rapidly adopting Google’s Android open sourcemobility platform to offer users a wide variety of handheld devices. ThinkFree supports your freedom of choice with its Office Mobile for Android 2.0 productivity suite – all the industry-leadingfeatures of ThinkFree Office migrated to the Android operating system. 

Key Features

View/Edit/Create Office Documents
Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint
PDF documents(Viewer only)

Easy to use file manager
Easy and intuitive user interface
Browse local/online storages

Integration with online storage
Access documents anywhere anytime
Share your documents online

Send/View email attachments
View documents directly from email
Send document by email
Save email attachments

ThinkFree Write – Word Processor

-Portrait/Landscape/Reflow view - Easy scroll and zoom (standard/pinch/double-tap) - Search by word - Full screen view - Text encoding option - DOC/DOCX/DOT/DOTX/RTF/TXT (Word 97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010)Edit
- Edit Text/Style - Edit and Send - Copy/Cut/Paste - Delete & Insert paragraph break - Insert Shape/Photo/Drawing - Quick select word/sentence/paragraph

ThinkFree Calc - Spreadsheet

View- Portrait & Landscape view - Easy scroll and zoom (standard/pinch/double-tap) - Search by word - Full screen view - Various embedded objects (Chart/Drawing/Image) - XLS/XLSX/CSV (Excel97/2000/XP/2003/2007/2010)

- Edit data/chart/formula/function/style/border - Live update when editing data/chart/formula/function - Insert/Delete rows/columns/cells - Resize height/width - Hide/Unhide -Sort data - Copy/Cut/Paste - Insert Shape/Photo/Drawing

ThinkFree Show – Presentation

- Portrait & Landscape view - Outline & Full screen view - Easy zoom (standard/pinch/double-tap) -...
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