Angel fall

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Angel Falls

Angel Falls (Kerepakupai Vein in Pemon meaning "Leaping deepest place") is the highest waterfall in the world with a height of 980 m (807 m fall unbroken), generated from Auyantepuy.It is located (5 ° 58'03 "N 62 ° 32'14" W / 5.9675, -62.53722) in the territory protected by the Canaima National Park in Bolivar State, Venezuela. This natural reservoir, established as a NationalPark on 12 June 1962 and declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1994, covers an area of over 30,000 sq km (an area similar to that possessed by Belgium), to the borders Guyana and Brazil, and its size isconsidered the largest in the world. The name that is universally known as Angel Falls was in honor of the American aviator Jimmy Angel who in 1937 announced the existence of the fall.

Thisjump was known to the natives of the region, but its "discovery" remains a subject of official discussion. Some historians attribute it to Ernesto Sanchez, explorer who in 1910 reported the find tothe Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons in Caracas. Others, Navy Capt. Venezuelan Felix Cardona Puig Spanish origin, who, in 1927, with Mundó Freixas, Spanish explorer in origin, spotted the largewaterfall in the massif of Auyantepuy. Articles and maps of Clarke attracted the curiosity and adventurous spirit of the aviator Jimmy Angel, who got in touch with Clarke to make several visits to the jumpin 1937. On 21 May 1937, Clarke went with Jimmy Angel flying leap. In September of that year insists Jimmy Angel landed on top of Auyantepuy, purpose abruptly achieves embedding the plane on theground. News of the accident, which fortunately caused no casualties, led to the leap was named Angel Falls, and so is known since then.

Jimmy Angel plane located in Ciudad Bolívar.El first humanknown to reach the river that feeds the falls was the Latvian Aleksandrs Laime browser, also known as Alexander Laime by natives of the tribe Pemón. He made the ascent of Auyan-tepui in 1955. He gave...
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