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Animal farm
Chapter one.
 To what does Old Major point to show that there are opportunities for the animals to run the farm on their own?
Old Major says that those fields were fertile, it climate was good, it could afford food in abundance and also, that there were enough land for thousands of animals to live in.
 List the ideals outlined by Old Major that should prevail after therebellion.
* Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy
* Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend
* No animal must ever live in a house or sleep in a bed
* No animal must ever wear clothes
* No animal must ever drink alcohol or smoke tobacco
* No animal must ever touch money
* No animal must ever engaged in trade
* No animal must ever tyrannise over his ownkind
* No animal must ever kill any other animal
* All animals are equal
* Reread the words of the “Beast of England” song. Which things do the animals want to vanish? Which things do they see as an important part of the utopia to come?
The animals want to vanish:
* Rings from their noses
* The harness from their back
* Bits
* Spurs
They see as important part of the utopia to come:
* Just the beasts shall trod the fruitful fields of England
* Been well off
* Having their own wheat, barley, oats, hay, clover, mangel-wurzels and beans
* Having purer water
* Toil from freedom's sake
Chapter two.
* The pigs formulate the teachings of Old Major into a system of thought.What is it called? To what does it correspond?
It is called Animalism and corresponds to the totalitarianism.
* What problems are encountered as the animals begin to discuss the coming rebellion?
When the animals began to discuss the coming rebellion, some problems, as the loyalty to Mr Jones, were encounter. Someone brought to mind that he fed them. Another said that if it was going tohappen after their death, it did not matter to him. They said too, that if the rebellion was going to happen anyway, it was incongruous to work for it.
* Why is the rebellion so easily accomplished?
The rebellion is so easily accomplished because Jones, the farmer, was not in his better days. He lost a huge sum of money in a lawsuit; he also got drunk very often and his men were dishonest, thefields were plentiful of weeds, the buildings required roofing, the hedges were neglected and the animals were underfed.
* What is done with the farmhouse?
The animals determined that the farmhouse should be preserved as a museum, and that no one of them must ever lived there.
* What two leaders emerge after the rebellion?
The two leaders that emerged after the rebellion were Napoleon andSnowball.
* What have the pigs been doing for the past three months?
The pigs have been learning reading and writing from a book, which belonged to Mr Jones' children.
* Who formulated the Seven Commandments?
The seven commandments were formulated by Snowball and Napoleon.
* What was ironic about the working conditions after the rebellion?
The ironic was that, after the rebellionthey worked harder than ever, just to show their capacity to make the same things as Jones, but in less time.
* What evidence is there of foreshadowing?
The evidence is that they worked more and it was one of the causes for the rebellion, so it would probably end worst than when they started.
Chapter three.
* What is significant about the quarrels between Napoleon and Snowball?
Issignificant that all the time any of them suggest something, the other one disappointed it.
* What episode causes Squealer to use trickery?
Squealer uses trickery to demonstrate the animals that pigs hate milk and apples, but needed them to be healthy, when they really love them, and wanted all for them.
* Who among the workers is the most admired? How is he valuable to the pigs?
The most...
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