Anita roddick

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What natural products can you use for good skin?
R/ We can use honey with oat for have a soft skin, also we can use sugar with juice lemon for ourhands.
What natural products can you use on your hair?
R/ We can use aloe vera, avocado and papaya for a shilky and shiny hair.
Why are natural products popular?
R/ Natural productsare popular because their are very nutritious and they don't have chemical.
Look at the picture of Anita Roddick. What can you say about her?
R/ Anita Roddick is a seller of beauty products.She is a middle-aged woman, she has long, curly and black hair, she wear sport clothes and she is very happy.



Write the correct words in the blanks.

cosmetics ashesleaked
ingredients poured damp

Anita Roddick used honey, cucumber, and other thigns to make her products. She used natural ingredients.
Ashes are the gray dust you get after something isburned.
The roof of Roddick's shop had a hole, and water came through it. Te roof leaked.
The walls were still a little bit wet. They were damp.
Roddick made products to make women look andfell better. She made cosmetics.
Roddick poured the oil from the bottle of strawberry oil.


What is one thing you can buy a cosmetics store?
R/ We can buy beauty products as eyecolor, cream, clear, skin product, “make up”.
What is something that burns and make ashes?
R/ We can make ashes burning paper and wood.
What do you do when your tire leaks air?
R/ We cango to a mechanic shop for fix it.
What are some ingredients in a cake?
R/ The ingredients that we can use for a cake are: butter, eggs, milk, flour, leaven, salt, sugar, fruits.
Why didAnita pour strawberry oil in front of her store?
R/ Anita poured strawberry oil for attract people to the shop.


Roddick made cosmetics.
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