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Thispaper is aimed at showing how integration in a modern society leads to conflict. Part one deals with the goal and ideal model of integration in a modern civil society. Part two is
the theoretical approach, part three about the various forms of culture conflicts and the final
Part deals with the effects of such conflicts and possible solutions.

The mass movement of people into the westernmodern societies as part of international migration is a social phenomenon reaching beyond the sphere of national sovereignty. Since the 1980s, emigration into Europe has been from continents like Asia, Africa and some few European countries. Integration in a modern society like is more of an eye opener for women and children who are oppressed under the umbrella of culture. This is so because they havegood goals for integration for all living in the country. Example of Sweden; Swedish goal for integration on the societal level says all should have access to all societal institutions on same conditions without discrimination on ground of ethnicity; all should participate in democratic development process and the principal of equality to all, have same possibilities, rights and obligations. Onthe individual level, have life project, be self determined and set own goals and pursue them for integration to occur and that integration applies to all individual that is majority or minorities, new arrivals and those who have lived for generation in Sweden.

The ideal model of integration in a democratic modern civil society as described by Baubock is one that provides means for immigrantsto practice and develop their culture and to combine it with the ways and culture of the receiving country. A society in which there is association of pluralism and culture differences can grow beyond different ethnic groups. A society in which state support majority culture and minorities can ask for public resources to meet the standard, allow minorities to associate as a mean of representingthemselves and having autonomy. In such a society minority claim their rights from the state or institutions run by the state, have freedom of choice and liberalistic thoughts. it’s a normative society with rules on how individuals relate with others, a community citizens having rights and obligation toward each other nor matter where they are living, no culture homogenous but culture dynamic.The theoretical framework of this study encompass but ethnic culture and modern society. The living conditions in Africa and Asia are particularly bad for women and they are not only control by men but men also decide for them their sexuality is regarded as a matter of concern for the whole family and it is restricted to marriage. Women are turned into perpetrators and murderers in the name ofhonoring culture.
The seed and soil theory of Engebrigtsen (2007) explains best this conflict. Men see women as seed and once sow by men show ownership and cannot be giving away but are inherited by other men of the family. This concept of honoring culture in the course of migration and integration is gradually changing with the coming of modern society. The focus today is more on autonomy of theindividual to achieve his plan, has the right to keep his culture while getting involve in the national culture by communicating with them and involving in culture discourse as participant, that is personal integrity is crucial. Thus an individual state of autonomy illustrates the call for culture conflict.

Culture conflict can be divided into three gender conflict, inter-generation conflict...